Project C

What Can I say …. It was an amazing Journey. 
At first I thought … Man, these guys are out of there mind… Then I spoke with the ECD and realized he was committed to a “Home Run”. Started to work on this crazy film to realize each step was a bigger challenge (airport, aircraft, safety, etc….). 
The dedication of the producers and all of us being definitely crazy, finally got us in full control of the biggest toy around: a 767 Boeing Jet Aircraft, just for us, on a secured airport …. 
The biggest toy for an unbelievable stunt. The performance was surreal, the K.O.Ls brought in to bear witness the stunt had a jaw drop… me too actually.  The outcome exceeded all expectations : 24.8 Millions hits in one day.
This is what we live for.

CLIENT Pantene • AGENCY Grey, Singapore • TITLE Pantene VS Boieng /  Official Cannes Case Study

CLIENT Pantene • AGENCY Grey, Singapore • TITLE Pantene VS Boieng / Directors Cut

CLIENT Pantene • AGENCY Grey, Singapore • TITLE Pantene VS Boieng /  Official Cannes Lions Cut

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